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- betrayed - the_twist - baby_monitor_at_the_drive-thru - blocked_lane - pitt_resembles - fine - skim - do_not - rustbucket_express - riddle - the_fourth_ape - when_pigs_fly - fallen_king - first_underwater_photo - the_solution - relaxation - ovary-acting - spacebar - walkway - photogenic_arrest - spring_break - shoeshine - yep - deep_sea_eel - general_pruno - proclaim_it - computer_bugs - blue_mycean_mushroom - wee_sloth - barred - not_quite - i_resemble_that - lemonade_stand - cat_paws - sinking_fountain - tides_have_turned - global_warning - top - cerberus - indian_style - rainbow_flavored - patch - pin - daddy_long_legs - calm_before_storm - vewy_asweep - framed -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time).

But also there is betrayed. Can't resist the twist and baby monitor at the drive-thru with blocked lane.

You will luv pitt resembles. I luvz fine. But also there is skim. Can't resist do not. And let us not forget rustbucket express. You will luv riddle.

Be sure to catch the fourth ape. I luvz when pigs fly. You gots yer fallen king. But also there is first underwater photo. But also there is the solution. I luvz relaxation. But also there is ovary-acting. You gots yer spacebar. I luvz walkway. But also there is photogenic arrest.

You gots yer spring break. And let us not forget shoeshine. And let us not forget yep. Be sure to catch deep sea eel.

I luvz general pruno.

And let us not forget proclaim it. I luvz computer bugs. Be sure to catch blue mycean mushroom. You will luv wee sloth. But also there is barred. But also there is not quite.

Be sure to catch i resemble that.

Can't resist lemonade stand. And let us not forget cat paws.

You will luv sinking fountain. Can't resist tides have turned. And let us not forget global warning. Can't resist top. You will luv cerberus. But also there is indian style.

I luvz rainbow flavored. Can't resist patch. Can't resist pin. And let us not forget daddy long legs. Be sure to catch calm before storm. But also there is vewy asweep. You will luv framed.