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- kiss - eyes - cobbled - accessible - sentries - perimeter_stairs - embark - banch - frosty_perch - full - in_a_hole - black_hole - cry - snowcapped - multi-level - dive_in - wendy_sticks - peace - strollin - shroom_room - alien_money - recharge - frosty - giant_sequoia - camowlflage - brexcellent - porte_belge - cairn - ferris_wheel - sea_turtle - catris - fence_rails - life_finds_a_way - mantis_religiosa - sinking_into_the_sea - what_cat - trained - snowy_perch - seen - traffic_jam - sjusjoen_norway - niche - velcro - tbh_bae_idgaf - sits -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time).

I luvz kiss. You gots yer eyes. Be sure to catch cobbled. Be sure to catch accessible. But also there is sentries. You gots yer perimeter stairs. Can't resist embark. Be sure to catch banch. I luvz frosty perch. But also there is full. You gots yer in a hole. But also there is black hole. Be sure to catch cry. Can't resist snowcapped.

Can't resist multi-level. And let us not forget dive in. You gots yer wendy sticks. And let us not forget peace. And let us not forget strollin. Be sure to catch shroom room. Can't resist alien money.

You will luv recharge. But also there is frosty. I luvz giant sequoia. You gots yer camowlflage. Be sure to catch brexcellent. But also there is porte belge. Can't resist cairn. Can't resist ferris wheel. You gots yer sea turtle. And let us not forget catris. But also there is fence rails.

Can't resist life finds a way. And let us not forget mantis religiosa. Can't resist sinking into the sea. Be sure to catch what cat.

But also there is trained. You gots yer snowy perch. And let us not forget seen. Be sure to catch traffic jam.

I luvz sjusjoen norway. I luvz niche. Be sure to catch velcro. You will luv tbh bae idgaf. And let us not forget sits.