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Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). And let us not forget dat cat hat , emergence and yer photobear the fwoompf.

I luvz cowlick. I luvz canadian lynx. But also there is room. And let us not forget bat line. You gots yer spotter. You gots yer volcano light. And let us not forget downtime. Can't resist entwined. But also there is northern minnesota.

I luvz 27 nights. You will luv chilled.

And let us not forget shaggy shotgun.

You will luv locomotive. You gots yer perfect camouflage. I luvz a great fall.

I luvz ome-welc.

You will luv marble marble. And let us not forget long yellow things. And let us not forget memories. But also there is mood rock. Can't resist traffic lights. But also there is drink. But also there is abandoned button factory. You gots yer mystery. Can't resist norway. I luvz salt.

But also there is love is the answer. You will luv alien. But also there is morning elvis. But also there is towel monkey. You gots yer unikittycorn. I luvz prairie.

Can't resist streamliner. You will luv waluigi who. You will luv impala boat. Can't resist leafy spiral. Be sure to catch futurecycle. You will luv humming bear. Can't resist red hats. You will luv chopper chariots. And let us not forget abandoned. Be sure to catch derp cat.

And let us not forget oscars new house.