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Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time).

You will luv sit spots also hermitrash crab with girlfriend.

Can't resist wild red fox. And let us not forget iris. You gots yer gorilla sits. But also there is rest and relaxation. And let us not forget stick critter. I luvz climb. And let us not forget zurich 5am.

Be sure to catch henderson motorcycle. And let us not forget sunset supercell. But also there is meep meep way. But also there is gibbon amid miniatures. Can't resist frank rocky fiegel.

You gots yer 2000 year old teotihuacanstone mask. I luvz space.

You gots yer bicycle parade. Can't resist stylin. Be sure to catch cutest egg evar. I luvz teapot dome. I luvz nailed. And let us not forget mantis cycle. I luvz moowainbow. But also there is nailed it. And let us not forget view with a room. I luvz chain cube. But also there is shotgun. And let us not forget mossy quacks.

I luvz spider bud. Can't resist a way out. Be sure to catch ibm q. But also there is mr floofer.

You will luv watchpoint. You gots yer spiny rivers. Be sure to catch tuckered. But also there is regret. Can't resist standoff. Be sure to catch farscape.

And let us not forget malaysian large frogmouth. I luvz stilts. But also there is heterochromia. You gots yer safety. You gots yer centerfold. I luvz garden palette.

I luvz just restin. Can't resist i sits here. Be sure to catch jacobs well. Be sure to catch aak grasshopper.