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- it_is_a_dark_time_for_the_rebellion - reclaimed_by_nature - massacre - utroba_cave - loge - flying_the_coop - watched - cave - engulfed - hello_dali - girl_and_her_monkey_at_woodstock - totally_intentional - lil_wave - wasp_nest - slow_shutter - dude - the_fourth - ouch - pink_grasshopper - dainty - heraklion_alexandria - leg_up - heya_fellas - morels - tussle - et-fe - run_through - gagoyle - how_may_i_help_you - its_a_horse - lap_of_luxury - not_dino - jackalope - pat_pat_pat - you_mock_me - please_do_not_sit_here - pupsicle - i_starfish_i_sits - beware_of_dog - eye_am_thirsty - neighbors - decay_arcade - shore_lyin - lego_dragonfly - door_on_mars - solitary - we_are_open - knob_frog -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). And let us not forget it is a dark time for the rebellion the reclaimed by nature and yer massacre. Be sure to catch utroba cave. I luvz loge. You gots yer flying the coop. Be sure to catch watched. I luvz cave. But also there is engulfed. You gots yer hello dali. You will luv girl and her monkey at woodstock. But also there is totally intentional. Can't resist lil wave. I luvz wasp nest. And let us not forget slow shutter. Be sure to catch dude. I luvz the fourth. Be sure to catch ouch.

But also there is pink grasshopper. Can't resist dainty. You will luv heraklion alexandria. You will luv leg up.

You will luv heya fellas. I luvz morels. I luvz tussle. Can't resist et-fe. You gots yer run through. You gots yer gagoyle. You gots yer how may i help you. I luvz its a horse. You gots yer lap of luxury. You will luv not dino. Can't resist jackalope. And let us not forget pat pat pat.

Be sure to catch you mock me. You gots yer please do not sit here. Can't resist pupsicle. And let us not forget i starfish i sits. You gots yer beware of dog. You gots yer eye am thirsty. You gots yer neighbors.

I luvz decay arcade. Be sure to catch shore lyin. But also there is lego dragonfly.

Can't resist door on mars. You gots yer solitary. But also there is we are open. You will luv knob frog.