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Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). You will luv you know you want to try it. You gots yer the buffalo people. You gots yer dryer vent. You will luv trash panda. I luvz down pillow.

You will luv dunes. Can't resist frozeweb. I luvz 1934-selfie with a stick. I luvz bad doggie. I luvz polymeric. You will luv puddle confusion. You gots yer ice delivery. You gots yer one pic. But also there is reflected. Can't resist white tiger. You gots yer the squirrel of judgment. And let us not forget screech. You gots yer fireside. Be sure to catch two camels. You gots yer dark side of the loom. Can't resist gone tractorin. And let us not forget wisteria trees in japan. And let us not forget post-holiday. Be sure to catch wat samphran temple.jpg. But also there is violin dress. Can't resist flakes. You gots yer ice filled korolev crater on mars. Be sure to catch floof. And let us not forget beefeater truth.

You will luv smokin. Be sure to catch kang calling. Can't resist exposed. But also there is that one looks like a cat. I luvz blerp. And let us not forget perchin.

But also there is two deer here. You gots yer smooth ride. I luvz dog specs. But also there is moonboy. You gots yer schloss neuschwanstein. I luvz narwhals. Be sure to catch happy cat.