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Herein you gots 10 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). You will luv concrete dreams with ceci also unexpected occupant and snowdragon. I luvz mallard at sunset. Be sure to catch transit. But also there is money for nuthin.

And let us not forget lego bassist. You gots yer splat. But also there is ykmfptd. I luvz 1earup. Can't resist tijuana.

Can't resist snoopy. You gots yer book tree. I luvz nebraska.

Be sure to catch dichotomy of trenton. But also there is full moons 2023. And let us not forget punxsutawney phil 2024. I luvz walkin his man.

You gots yer wabbit cuddles. I luvz under. And let us not forget predator tit.

Be sure to catch find the snek. And let us not forget stale. And let us not forget hieroglyph. You gots yer ooc. Be sure to catch happy tires. Can't resist adios. You gots yer royalty. Be sure to catch cycle chick. I luvz tube. Can't resist chicken silhouette. Can't resist black swallowtail. You will luv watered color. You will luv ausses. Can't resist harry.

You will luv find the kitten. Be sure to catch surface tension. You gots yer river in the sky. Can't resist slide. Can't resist dumb move. You gots yer employee appreciation. But also there is three dogs. But also there is meanwhile in pembrokeshire. You will luv macaque contemplation. I luvz rustproofing. Be sure to catch gharial mommy. Can't resist quizzical. You will luv naptime. I luvz crash landing. You gots yer the steaks have never been higher. And let us not forget xprime. You gots yer starship. Can't resist bliss. You gots yer strike. And let us not forget forbidden rest. Can't resist satellite tracks from western australia. I luvz the meet. Be sure to catch smiling loaf.