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- harvard_mark_i - fuck_it - blendin_in - rear_view - drifted_tangle - alarmed_tube - kitty_couch - happy_day - world_discoverer - high_five - rollercroachment - catmas_tree - hole_in_one - obligatory - frosty_the_tiger - evilamp - oslo_opera_house - cardinal_zoomies - coke_classic - thumbing_your_nose - beefeater_buzz - kitty_smush - hare - nuggz - block_kitty - roost - help - wee_lemur - falling_man - self_portrait - visitor - cantalloc_aqueducts - benthouse - tennis_dedo - fractal_vice - nothing - its_this_guy - arctic_fox_in_snow - snowy_snoopy - pte(redact)yl - octopus_in_bonaire - vile_graffiti - vintage_christmas - spot_the_leopard - not_blurry - hyperinflation -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). You gots yer harvard mark i da fuck it. Be sure to catch blendin in also rear view. Be sure to catch drifted tangle. Can't resist alarmed tube. You gots yer kitty couch. Be sure to catch happy day. But also there is world discoverer. And let us not forget high five.

But also there is rollercroachment. You will luv catmas tree. Be sure to catch hole in one. You gots yer obligatory. You gots yer frosty the tiger. You gots yer evilamp. You will luv oslo opera house. You gots yer cardinal zoomies. Can't resist coke classic. You will luv thumbing your nose.

Be sure to catch beefeater buzz. And let us not forget kitty smush.

Be sure to catch hare. Can't resist nuggz. But also there is block kitty.

You gots yer roost.

Can't resist help. You gots yer wee lemur. You will luv falling man. Can't resist self portrait. You gots yer visitor. I luvz cantalloc aqueducts. I luvz benthouse. But also there is tennis dedo. And let us not forget fractal vice. You gots yer nothing. Be sure to catch its this guy. You will luv arctic fox in snow. You gots yer snowy snoopy. Can't resist pte(redact)yl. I luvz octopus in bonaire. Can't resist vile graffiti. Be sure to catch vintage christmas. You will luv spot the leopard. Can't resist not blurry. I luvz hyperinflation.