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- upon_upon - butterfly_smell - among_da_mosses - bow - armadillo_girdled_lizard - haul - idle - baloo - addicted - crane_kick - meat_clown - elevated - sax_appeal - bam_ba_lam - windblown - la - into_the_weeds - ningen - thirsty_snek - embrace - beaver_duty - cat_birdseat - mount - dangle - across - warthog - clever_steps - day_at_the_beach - highland - mutation - earth_turtle - american_selfie - sneak_a_peek - flamingos - kiss - eyes - cobbled - accessible - sentries - perimeter_stairs - embark - banch - frosty_perch - full - in_a_hole - black_hole -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time).

But also there is upon upon and yer butterfly smell and yer among da mosses. Be sure to catch bow. But also there is armadillo girdled lizard. Be sure to catch haul. You will luv idle. And let us not forget baloo. You will luv addicted. Can't resist crane kick. Can't resist meat clown. But also there is elevated. And let us not forget sax appeal. You gots yer bam ba lam. Be sure to catch windblown. You gots yer la. And let us not forget into the weeds. You gots yer ningen. But also there is thirsty snek. You will luv embrace.

Be sure to catch beaver duty. But also there is cat birdseat. Can't resist mount. You gots yer dangle. And let us not forget across. Be sure to catch warthog.

I luvz clever steps. Be sure to catch day at the beach. Can't resist highland. And let us not forget mutation. You will luv earth turtle. Can't resist american selfie.

Be sure to catch sneak a peek. And let us not forget flamingos. But also there is kiss. And let us not forget eyes. You gots yer cobbled. But also there is accessible. And let us not forget sentries. Can't resist perimeter stairs. You will luv embark. And let us not forget banch. And let us not forget frosty perch. And let us not forget full. You will luv in a hole. Be sure to catch black hole.