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- cloudzilla - iridescence - spot_of_tea - leucistic_bat - captured - suspicious_pants - engineering_flowchart - close_enough - to_the_moon - beekake - feeding_time - scrubb - crocs - giant_iron - schmile - hoba_in_grootfontein - not_qualified - life_of_a_tree - hero - spangled - spot - as_if - not_ideal - vivid_squirrel - this_meeting - beetle_rodeo - owl_sit - shedding - humpty_starfish - bad_happened - adios_tandy - wavy - striped - sopwith_camel - hipster_nativity - tower_floret - lid_spoon - night_surprise - celebration - damned_woodpeckers - amritsar_fellow - true_colors - best_cosplay - stained_glass_sidewalk -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). And let us not forget cloudzilla. I luvz iridescence. I luvz spot of tea. But also there is leucistic bat. You will luv captured. I luvz suspicious pants. And let us not forget engineering flowchart. But also there is close enough. Be sure to catch to the moon. And let us not forget beekake. Can't resist feeding time.

You will luv scrubb. You gots yer crocs. And let us not forget giant iron. You will luv schmile. You gots yer hoba in grootfontein. You will luv not qualified. Be sure to catch life of a tree. You will luv hero. Can't resist spangled. You gots yer spot. Be sure to catch as if.

You gots yer not ideal. But also there is vivid squirrel. You gots yer this meeting.

Be sure to catch beetle rodeo. And let us not forget owl sit. Can't resist shedding. You will luv humpty starfish. Can't resist bad happened. You gots yer adios tandy. You will luv wavy. You will luv striped.

I luvz sopwith camel.

Be sure to catch hipster nativity. Can't resist tower floret. I luvz lid spoon. And let us not forget night surprise.

You will luv celebration. Can't resist damned woodpeckers. I luvz amritsar fellow. Be sure to catch true colors. You will luv best cosplay. You will luv stained glass sidewalk.