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Herein you gots 10 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). I luvz american-canadian border with shark car. But also there is the sphere. Can't resist out from under.

Be sure to catch mud fishing. And let us not forget peekabouquet. Be sure to catch six foot whale ball. You gots yer beyond this point. Can't resist recombobulation area. But also there is etch a sketch. I luvz dawg.

I luvz mceastern block. But also there is muppets tng.

I luvz spicy porcupine. I luvz companions. And let us not forget northern cyprus.

And let us not forget not zoolander3 promo. I luvz toxic spill aftermath. But also there is mars needs women. You will luv space selfie. I luvz through the mystic forest. You gots yer good boy sticks. You will luv pink moon rising. Can't resist canis. You will luv procession. Be sure to catch suba ruba ru. You will luv descartes dad. I luvz never forget.

You gots yer grain of sand on a strand of hair. But also there is who ya gonna call. Can't resist the hobbit. And let us not forget tossed-out. But also there is sea swirl. You will luv staffer reactions. And let us not forget service station. Be sure to catch power. Can't resist creatively creepy.

Be sure to catch tabletop mountain. You gots yer knocker-upper. You gots yer jimmy carter tends to his peanuts. I luvz night light. You will luv estonian special forces. Be sure to catch unfinished atomium. And let us not forget say no to panhandling. Can't resist thirty-million year old mantis. You will luv 1889-paris. And let us not forget on the ranch. And let us not forget secured parking. I luvz blaji badejo was xenomorph. And let us not forget wee legs. Be sure to catch sony center plaza. And let us not forget flying fish. But also there is bioluminescent laguna. Can't resist abandoned craco. I luvz jon jones is the goat. You gots yer tiling. You gots yer pietragalla. Can't resist socks. Be sure to catch first contact.