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Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). I luvz original distracted boyfriend and yer peeky bugs , levels the in view.

You will luv ilyich ctulhunov. You will luv end of the dinos. I luvz identified. I luvz bond boy bond. I luvz blueberries.

And let us not forget pooping rainbows. Be sure to catch bear tree.

Can't resist equine tribute. You will luv all around the globe. And let us not forget cheshire. You will luv time for air guitar. You will luv travel pro. But also there is dat smile. You gots yer soul crusher. Can't resist foretold.

Be sure to catch indigo. You will luv schrodingers cupboard. Be sure to catch brogle. Be sure to catch just fine. You will luv trippy elephant seal. You will luv liquid feline. And let us not forget consideration. You will luv fans at sea.

You gots yer thinking squirrel.

You gots yer tactical dog helmets. You will luv mahnenrobben. But also there is beta with oil. And let us not forget the ungulate gang and chicken. But also there is shopping. You will luv packed. I luvz signed copy. You gots yer 1918-lounge lizards. I luvz chicken legs. But also there is parting. You gots yer at rest. You will luv chan lair. I luvz peakin. I luvz dog with pipe. But also there is 1962 shark roadster.

But also there is goat ride.

You will luv impact. Be sure to catch golden tortoise beetle. You will luv misled. You will luv captcha. You will luv tempting fate in siberia.

But also there is made of pennies. Be sure to catch capybara family. Be sure to catch big food. Be sure to catch trippin bison. Be sure to catch why unicorns exist.