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- hare_pin_turn - reclaimed - cold_front - wally - terrarelax - bunnymane - fly_me_to_the_moon - wish_you_were_here - foxxy - black_lotus - rising_lightning - mephistopheles_and_margaretta - embroidery_tat - big_cat_bob - david_bowie_and_tilda_swinton - bad_idea - tangled - tucked - tourists - resistance_is_futile - starry_night_cosplay - dog_bones - ulysses_s_grant - phasmid_goliath - i_think_that_i_shall_never_see - george_and_elroy - cross_fox - in_progress - tv_light_simulator - imperial_tortoise_beetle - impede - typhoon_sky - kitten_tree - double_twist_chimney_stacks - crock_rock - quetzal - suspense - erm - monkey_butt - precision - grassy_mouthful - salut - storm_over_rio -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). I luvz hare pin turn with reclaimed and yer cold front also wally. Can't resist terrarelax. Can't resist bunnymane. You gots yer fly me to the moon.

Can't resist wish you were here. I luvz foxxy. And let us not forget black lotus. But also there is rising lightning. Be sure to catch mephistopheles and margaretta. Can't resist embroidery tat. I luvz big cat bob. Can't resist david bowie and tilda swinton. Be sure to catch bad idea. You will luv tangled. I luvz tucked. Be sure to catch tourists. You gots yer resistance is futile. But also there is starry night cosplay. And let us not forget dog bones.

Can't resist ulysses s grant. Can't resist phasmid goliath. But also there is i think that i shall never see. You will luv george and elroy. You gots yer cross fox. Can't resist in progress. You will luv tv light simulator. But also there is imperial tortoise beetle. Can't resist impede. You will luv typhoon sky. Can't resist kitten tree. You gots yer double twist chimney stacks. And let us not forget crock rock. You gots yer quetzal. You gots yer suspense. Can't resist erm. And let us not forget monkey butt. And let us not forget precision. But also there is grassy mouthful. I luvz salut.

Be sure to catch storm over rio.