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Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). Can't resist croc. And let us not forget temptation. You gots yer bear tree and yer sssteps.

But also there is excellent timing. I luvz timing. I luvz art or avoidance. You will luv purple birb.

Be sure to catch tenrec. I luvz 268k miles away. And let us not forget saturn in daylight. You will luv wee frog. You will luv igloo igloo. You will luv sumela monastery. I luvz rugcat. You gots yer minnesota sky. Be sure to catch canadian lynx. And let us not forget wrap-around spider. But also there is be who you are. Can't resist pillar. You gots yer grip. I luvz cox squared.

And let us not forget thunderstorm from space. Can't resist yodizzle. Be sure to catch cairo from above. You gots yer hattfjelldal. You gots yer highland cattle. And let us not forget eventually. I luvz finally. You gots yer cookie monsdoor. But also there is filet-o-fish please. And let us not forget mushroom sky. Can't resist meowlephant. And let us not forget duck bobbles. You gots yer four cats. But also there is cannabonsai. I luvz pillars of creation. You gots yer problem solved. And let us not forget nph halloween. But also there is foxpway.

But also there is curly mousie. I luvz the duck. You gots yer happy sun. You gots yer bubble eyes. You will luv lights over jeju south korea.