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- malaysian_large_frogmouth - stilts - heterochromia - safety - centerfold - garden_palette - just_restin - i_sits_here - jacobs_well - aak_grasshopper - rock_family - black_barn_owl - no_pic_nik_baskets - pedal_munch - scale_fence - dune_room - andrey_scherbak - nethertrees - over_venice - sand_citadel - corporate_avengers - stump_nap - all_the_balls - freyja_schimkus - owltree - fox_is_amused - golden_eagle - held_up - andean_condor - rafflesia - pufft - sloth_family - bunny_tree - puggle - aoooo - spiral_pine - birdicane - sand_bear - checking_out - pipe_cleaner_wolf - peacocks - lake_baikal - look_closer - feather_cloud - cozy_mouse -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). You gots yer malaysian large frogmouth. Can't resist stilts da heterochromia. Can't resist safety. Be sure to catch centerfold. Be sure to catch garden palette. Can't resist just restin. And let us not forget i sits here. You gots yer jacobs well. Can't resist aak grasshopper. I luvz rock family. Can't resist black barn owl.

But also there is no pic nik baskets. But also there is pedal munch. Be sure to catch scale fence. And let us not forget dune room. Be sure to catch andrey scherbak. And let us not forget nethertrees. You gots yer over venice.

I luvz sand citadel. But also there is corporate avengers. You will luv stump nap. And let us not forget all the balls. I luvz freyja schimkus. Be sure to catch owltree. Can't resist fox is amused. And let us not forget golden eagle. Can't resist held up. But also there is andean condor.

Be sure to catch rafflesia. I luvz pufft. You gots yer sloth family. You gots yer bunny tree. You gots yer puggle. I luvz aoooo. But also there is spiral pine.

I luvz birdicane. But also there is sand bear. I luvz checking out. You gots yer pipe cleaner wolf. And let us not forget peacocks. I luvz lake baikal. You gots yer look closer. You gots yer feather cloud. And let us not forget cozy mouse.