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- 66_years_apart - precursor - devil_ray_breach - auto_switch - namib_shore - baby_fur_seal - private_sign - baby_swordfish - this_toilet - red-naped_ibis - no_dogs_allowed - playmates - sleepy_squirrels - spork - birb - blessed_island - grrreat - gator_buds - non_sign_ii - sleeping_tree - buffalo_assist - magritte - rainier - gulpberry - blowout - space_frog - tuckered_out - artist_in_back - body_at_rest - pleasure - ape_stare - jump - ape - about_face - lego_trailer_breaking_ground - edge - at_bay - hillside_home - stone_fish - rolled - totality - hip_hop_hankerin - apollo_checklist - firey_core - fuck_your_rules -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). You gots yer 66 years apart and precursor also devil ray breach , auto switch. Be sure to catch namib shore. I luvz baby fur seal. But also there is private sign.

And let us not forget baby swordfish. Be sure to catch this toilet. But also there is red-naped ibis. Be sure to catch no dogs allowed. Be sure to catch playmates. I luvz sleepy squirrels. You will luv spork. Be sure to catch birb. And let us not forget blessed island. You gots yer grrreat. Can't resist gator buds. You will luv non sign ii. I luvz sleeping tree. Can't resist buffalo assist. And let us not forget magritte. Can't resist rainier. You gots yer gulpberry. But also there is blowout. Be sure to catch space frog. You will luv tuckered out. You gots yer artist in back.

I luvz body at rest. And let us not forget pleasure. But also there is ape stare. You gots yer jump. You will luv ape. You gots yer about face. And let us not forget lego trailer breaking ground. Be sure to catch edge. Can't resist at bay. You gots yer hillside home. Be sure to catch stone fish. Be sure to catch rolled. You gots yer totality. But also there is hip hop hankerin.

And let us not forget apollo checklist. You gots yer firey core. But also there is fuck your rules.