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- hair_not_hair - schrodingers_cat - swept_away - duck - exhausted - octopus - alien_corpse - shimmering_ocean_dress - lokai - charge - what_the_mutt - rooftop_peril - heterochromama - 36k_years_ago_in_altamira_cave - fakir_table - lego_guild_navigator - cloaked_tower - third_face - midjourney_commute - wee_beatles - stole_muh_bed - entangled_light - the_art_and_the_artist - above_burning_man - wee_otter - downward_dog - striped_hyena - centuripe - cheetah_sees_you - pika_haul - elphie - nereis_sandersi - hover_kitty - cotton_top_tamarin - waiting_for_grover - hot_sauce - wet_mink - hong_kong_vertigo - fort_in_maharashtra - home_planet - jwst_mystery - travellers - niagara - astro - tree_frog_eye - first_person - dick_move - baby_goblin_bat - standing_underwater - fixed - punkitty - interview - sweptable - resting_dragon_rock - chairsmush - some_chairs - the_look - uncube - spot_the_cat - makin_tracks - water_bowl - jumping_hound -

Herein you gots 10 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). I luvz hair not hair. I luvz schrodingers cat. And let us not forget swept away.

You gots yer duck. Be sure to catch exhausted. You gots yer octopus. You will luv alien corpse.

You will luv shimmering ocean dress.

I luvz lokai. But also there is charge. I luvz what the mutt.

Can't resist rooftop peril. I luvz heterochromama. And let us not forget 36k years ago in altamira cave. But also there is fakir table. You will luv lego guild navigator. Be sure to catch cloaked tower. And let us not forget third face. Can't resist midjourney commute. You gots yer wee beatles. Be sure to catch stole muh bed. Can't resist entangled light. You will luv the art and the artist.

I luvz above burning man. And let us not forget wee otter. Be sure to catch downward dog. Can't resist striped hyena. And let us not forget centuripe. You will luv cheetah sees you. I luvz pika haul. Be sure to catch elphie. Can't resist nereis sandersi. And let us not forget hover kitty. I luvz cotton top tamarin. You will luv waiting for grover. You gots yer hot sauce.

Can't resist wet mink. Can't resist hong kong vertigo. But also there is fort in maharashtra. But also there is home planet. You will luv jwst mystery.

Can't resist travellers. And let us not forget niagara. Can't resist astro. Be sure to catch tree frog eye. I luvz first person. You will luv dick move. But also there is baby goblin bat. You will luv standing underwater. You will luv fixed. Be sure to catch punkitty. Be sure to catch interview. You will luv sweptable. You will luv resting dragon rock.

Be sure to catch chairsmush. I luvz some chairs. Can't resist the look. You gots yer uncube. And let us not forget spot the cat. But also there is makin tracks. But also there is water bowl. But also there is jumping hound.