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- sleepy_bee - water_no_come_out - methusala_is_5000_years_old - staggers - on_the_edge - facing - frog_force - rainbow_sky - swamp_sculpture - wiggy_wall - 2500_year_old_scythian_tattoo - lean_back - milky_way_through_karnak - straw_lion - emerald_snake - straw_mammoth - osprey_pre-entry - straw_mantis - bamboo_respite - straw_gorilla - clarity - soul_searching - munchin - precarious - crazed - balloon_bike - trailer_park_mansion - southampton_general_hospital - laughing_tower - shag-n-scoob - model-a - empusa_fasciata - tornado_meets_rainbow - sneaking_onshore - superstition - night_flight - tail_of_the_sphinx - pruning - skim - sky_lantern_festival - cranes_in_flight - supermoon - trilobite_beetle - reclining_cloud - meep_meep - popsum - firefly_squids - cloudcatcher - bad_feather_day - looking_for_answers - bumble_bee_butt - family_reunion - tasty_tail - mothman -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time).

But also there is sleepy bee the water no come out. You will luv methusala is 5000 years old. Be sure to catch staggers. And let us not forget on the edge.

You gots yer facing. I luvz frog force. And let us not forget rainbow sky. And let us not forget swamp sculpture. I luvz wiggy wall. Be sure to catch 2500 year old scythian tattoo. And let us not forget lean back.

Can't resist milky way through karnak. You will luv straw lion. But also there is emerald snake. You will luv straw mammoth. Be sure to catch osprey pre-entry. You will luv straw mantis.

Can't resist bamboo respite. I luvz straw gorilla. I luvz clarity. But also there is soul searching. You will luv munchin. You will luv precarious. Can't resist crazed. Can't resist balloon bike.

But also there is trailer park mansion. But also there is southampton general hospital. Can't resist laughing tower. You gots yer shag-n-scoob. Can't resist model-a. But also there is empusa fasciata. And let us not forget tornado meets rainbow. Be sure to catch sneaking onshore. Can't resist superstition. You gots yer night flight. Be sure to catch tail of the sphinx. I luvz pruning. You will luv skim. I luvz sky lantern festival. I luvz cranes in flight. Can't resist supermoon. And let us not forget trilobite beetle.

But also there is reclining cloud. But also there is meep meep. Be sure to catch popsum. And let us not forget firefly squids. Can't resist cloudcatcher. Can't resist bad feather day. Can't resist looking for answers. But also there is bumble bee butt. But also there is family reunion. Can't resist tasty tail.

Be sure to catch mothman.