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Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). And let us not forget vivid squirrel with this meeting and yer beetle rodeo , owl sit. I luvz shedding.

And let us not forget humpty starfish. Can't resist bad happened. But also there is adios tandy. Can't resist wavy. I luvz striped. Can't resist sopwith camel. You will luv hipster nativity. Can't resist tower floret. Can't resist lid spoon. Be sure to catch night surprise.

I luvz celebration. Can't resist damned woodpeckers. But also there is amritsar fellow. You gots yer true colors. You will luv best cosplay. Be sure to catch stained glass sidewalk. And let us not forget shaker. But also there is puff tree. Can't resist not even once. You gots yer the fart.

And let us not forget titanic engines. And let us not forget dem ears. Can't resist derp. And let us not forget welcoming. Be sure to catch constricted. You gots yer high tension flow. I luvz shine spot. Be sure to catch foxplay. Be sure to catch trashed. You gots yer aquaiting. You will luv winged.

I luvz cross. You gots yer crew. I luvz curiousness.

You gots yer moose blanc. Be sure to catch peace train. Be sure to catch close encounter. Be sure to catch cover. And let us not forget mommy smooches. Can't resist can i keep him.