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Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). You will luv sunset fire opal. But also there is triwich. You will luv rock bottom and yer yam hand. I luvz men over 40 in skinny jeans.

But also there is twisted drift. I luvz pig painter. I luvz humming ice. Can't resist alakazam. You will luv crowley lake stone columns. I luvz everything is hunny. And let us not forget spidey lizard. I luvz yipes. Can't resist trajectories. And let us not forget ent moai. And let us not forget mama squirrel. Be sure to catch spud escape. I luvz bunneh face. And let us not forget cave of horror. I luvz faustian. I luvz flyby.

But also there is capybara and pup. But also there is quizzical.

But also there is bacteriophage. Can't resist interview. But also there is sea level. But also there is bunny fight. Can't resist muh toes. But also there is piranha. Can't resist king crab. And let us not forget ominest. You will luv shamrock. And let us not forget parrot toadstool.

Can't resist evicted. And let us not forget water logged.

You will luv bugs. I luvz chill tree. But also there is monorail cat. You gots yer wavy wall. Can't resist mercedes 300sl roadster. I luvz cleared.

And let us not forget snowy imposter. You gots yer snoweb. I luvz glory tree. And let us not forget in hand. But also there is green mammatus clouds. You will luv inconspicuous. Can't resist skeptical cat is skeptical.