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- abandoned_duke - leia_frogana - goggle_exhaust - ghost - 54_million_years - lightning_strike - going_for_a_walk - beta_fish - hippo_herd - sunset_tree - sloth - okay - breathing - shipwreck - hawk_and_starling - shetland_pony - grafeedi - gulp - recycled_blocks - hippos - that_tail - malabar_giant_squirrel - madagaskan_red_owl - glaucus_atlanticus - frog_resting - underwater_kitty - pollenated - chain_oclock - pondog - elysia_crispata - neck_twist - oldly_going - just_wrong - sea_slug - sleepy_bee - water_no_come_out - methusala_is_5000_years_old - staggers -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time).

You gots yer abandoned duke , leia frogana , goggle exhaust da ghost. I luvz 54 million years. Can't resist lightning strike. And let us not forget going for a walk. Can't resist beta fish. I luvz hippo herd. Be sure to catch sunset tree. And let us not forget sloth. Can't resist okay. You gots yer breathing. You will luv shipwreck.

You will luv hawk and starling. But also there is shetland pony. You gots yer grafeedi. And let us not forget gulp. But also there is recycled blocks. You will luv hippos. I luvz that tail. Be sure to catch malabar giant squirrel. But also there is madagaskan red owl. You gots yer glaucus atlanticus. I luvz frog resting. And let us not forget underwater kitty.

You gots yer pollenated. Be sure to catch chain oclock. I luvz pondog.

I luvz elysia crispata. You will luv neck twist. But also there is oldly going. Can't resist just wrong. Be sure to catch sea slug.

And let us not forget sleepy bee. I luvz water no come out. And let us not forget methusala is 5000 years old. You will luv staggers.