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- a_salt_rifle - tumblanche - wee_chilly_owls - baby_beaver - coke-vs-pepsi - ron_purrrlman - wolfdog - whale_scale - on_the_march - big_bird - triple_threat - standouts - once_in_a_lifetime - driftwood_giraffe - ohio_plates - doggo - the_awning - wolf_cloud - out_for_a_stroll - water_music - jim - statue_cosplay - deal - saturated - popsum - toofy_fish - asbestos - dehydrated_water - spillover - intelligence - pour - dickpic - soaked - whiskey_toothpaste - raccoon_problem - tattoo_save - fluffy_calf - tornadnope - bear - hyperion-tallest_tree - cough_syrup - office_duck - sneak_100 - squanchy - lethal_floors -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). And let us not forget a salt rifle. Can't resist tumblanche. Can't resist wee chilly owls. Can't resist baby beaver. Can't resist coke-vs-pepsi. I luvz ron purrrlman. Can't resist wolfdog. Be sure to catch whale scale. But also there is on the march. You gots yer big bird. You gots yer triple threat.

I luvz standouts. But also there is once in a lifetime. And let us not forget driftwood giraffe.

And let us not forget ohio plates.

Can't resist doggo. And let us not forget the awning. I luvz wolf cloud. And let us not forget out for a stroll. You will luv water music.

But also there is jim. You will luv statue cosplay. Be sure to catch deal. Can't resist saturated. And let us not forget popsum. But also there is toofy fish. Be sure to catch asbestos. Can't resist dehydrated water. You gots yer spillover. Be sure to catch intelligence. And let us not forget pour. I luvz dickpic. And let us not forget soaked. And let us not forget whiskey toothpaste. Can't resist raccoon problem. You will luv tattoo save. I luvz fluffy calf. Can't resist tornadnope. Can't resist bear. Be sure to catch hyperion-tallest tree. And let us not forget cough syrup. Can't resist office duck. You will luv sneak 100. And let us not forget squanchy. I luvz lethal floors.