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- pink_sky - costasiella_kuroshimae - trash_panda_heaven - world_map_if_you_are_a_fish - pygmy_possum_hug - sleeping_mountain - sunflower_spot - stop_and_smell - snuggling - crested_guineafowl - fairy_tale_park - wraparound_spider - above_the_woods - water_buffalo - guanacaste - snake_master - forest_dragon - fringed_leaf_frog - elegance - baba_yaga_hut - schnoz - knotted_fireplace - 12_million_years - heights - 1941_horch_firetruck - psyche_electric_hall_thruster - telescope_fish - wrench_feeding - bernese_hello - crooked_house - you_blew_me_away - fireflies_exposed - the_pedestal - abandoned_duke - burton_tat_stockings - goggle_exhaust - ghost - 54_million_years -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). You gots yer pink sky da costasiella kuroshimae. Be sure to catch trash panda heaven. Can't resist world map if you are a fish. You will luv pygmy possum hug. But also there is sleeping mountain. You will luv sunflower spot.

I luvz stop and smell. You gots yer snuggling. You will luv crested guineafowl. And let us not forget fairy tale park. Can't resist wraparound spider. I luvz above the woods. You will luv water buffalo. Be sure to catch guanacaste . You gots yer snake master. Be sure to catch forest dragon. You will luv fringed leaf frog.

You gots yer elegance. You will luv baba yaga hut. Can't resist schnoz. Can't resist knotted fireplace. But also there is 12 million years. You gots yer heights. You will luv 1941 horch firetruck. You gots yer psyche electric hall thruster.

I luvz telescope fish. Be sure to catch wrench feeding. I luvz bernese hello. And let us not forget crooked house. But also there is you blew me away. Be sure to catch fireflies exposed. You gots yer the pedestal. You will luv abandoned duke.

Be sure to catch burton tat stockings. Be sure to catch goggle exhaust. Can't resist ghost. You gots yer 54 million years.