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- duck - peacock_spider - rust_in_peace - anting - lichen_katydid - facepalming_lincoln - blackberry_feast - qing_dynasty_abacus_ring - simon_berger - muh_spot - flying_fox_with_pup - strawberry_approves - dinos_inside_dinos - einstein_in_1884 - friendly_neighborhood_cobra - lincoln_nebraska - cheaper_than_retail - kitty_needs_a_bath - dog_mobile - cloud_is_a_good_boy - great_white_breach - belgian_water_bridge - pit_viper - caligulas_ring - rock_with_a_view - etna - acorn_weevil - child_with_small_telescope - ceramic_recycling - crossing_crane - green_eye - blue_bumble - smoke_movin_in - ark_of_bukhara - potoo - watcher - gibbonet - ssc_tuatara - courier - drawd - clouds_on_mars - aqua_embrace - mayan_action_figure - this_owl - eye-ran_desert - head - i_am_disappoint -

Herein you gots 6 weeks worth-o-crap scoured from all over da intertoobs (with items archived under the bold category links for all time). But also there is duck. I luvz peacock spider , rust in peace the anting. I luvz lichen katydid. And let us not forget facepalming lincoln. You will luv blackberry feast. Be sure to catch qing dynasty abacus ring. Be sure to catch simon berger. Can't resist muh spot. Can't resist flying fox with pup. Can't resist strawberry approves. But also there is dinos inside dinos. And let us not forget einstein in 1884. And let us not forget friendly neighborhood cobra. Be sure to catch lincoln nebraska. I luvz cheaper than retail.

But also there is kitty needs a bath. Be sure to catch dog mobile.

You gots yer cloud is a good boy. I luvz great white breach. And let us not forget belgian water bridge.

And let us not forget pit viper. Be sure to catch caligulas ring. Be sure to catch rock with a view. You gots yer etna.

You will luv acorn weevil. Be sure to catch child with small telescope. You gots yer ceramic recycling. And let us not forget crossing crane. But also there is green eye. But also there is blue bumble. Can't resist smoke movin in.

I luvz ark of bukhara. Be sure to catch potoo. You will luv watcher. I luvz gibbonet. Be sure to catch ssc tuatara. Can't resist courier. Can't resist drawd. You gots yer clouds on mars. Be sure to catch aqua embrace. And let us not forget mayan action figure. Can't resist this owl. Can't resist eye-ran desert. But also there is head. Can't resist i am disappoint.